How it works:
  • 🔸 You send me pictures of items suitable for the season. ‌
  • 🔸 I create sets of possible outfits. ‌
  • 🔸 If necessary, I provide a list of items I recommend purchasing to complete the look. ‌‌‌‌‌
  • 🔸 If I see that some items are outdated and not suitable for creating outfits according to your request, I suggest going shopping with a specific list. ‌
  • 🔸 If the above option doesn’t suit you, you simply don’t pay anything.
What you get:
  • 🔸You save time on revision/arrangement/shopping. ‌‌
  • 🔸 Actual, stylish images from your own wardrobe in the presentation. ‌‌
  • 🔸 I provide basic style recommendations (colors, cuts, accessories, current formulas). ‌
  • 🔸 A vacation where you can relax and not worry about what to wear.
Price: 250 euro