How it works:
  • 🔸 I send a questionnaire to understand the look you need. ‌
  • 🔸I create a mood board that we agree upon with you. ‌
  • 🔸I purchase the necessary items (ideally with fittings before the shoot). ‌
  • 🔸I bring them to the location, steam them, and return them to the store if you don’t wish to keep the items.
What you get: ‌‌
  • 🔸A ready-made image that suits your purpose for the photoshoot. ‌
  • 🔸You don’t waste time thinking about the set and making purchases. ‌
  • 🔸You receive full service, including the delivery of items to the shooting location and returning them to the store, if necessary. ‌
  • 🔸 Most importantly, a cool atmosphere without unnecessary worries, because this is the only way to get “the same” photos.
Price: 250 euro